Fresh Air

by Swill

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released April 1, 2017



all rights reserved


Swill Jacksonville, Florida

Swill is a melodic punk trio based out of Jacksonville, Florida. Formed in 2014, The group had intentions of bringing a certain style of punk music to listener's attention. Blazing fast melodies, distinct harmonies, and technical ability all combine to create a truly unique and refreshing punk sound. Swill has recently signed with Rat Town Records for the release of their debut album "Fresh Air". ... more

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Track Name: Fresh Air
I left with all of these memories, but they don't seem the same.
In my head I picture them they seem so far away.
I think of how things used to be when I look back without shame.
Where is the lesson I should have learn? Why can't I find my way?

Each day feels like a dream.
Can't find the truth in life or what it means.
The grass is never green on my side of the fence.
The irony is killing me, it doesn't make any sense.

And now this burden in my head is clouding my judgement. And there's nowhere left to turn, every road leads to a dead end.
Track Name: Cold To Touch
Start to realize what's happening.
Indifferent to all their policies.
The sweet taste of satisfaction shatters in pursuit by a mindless faction.
They smell the suspicion, conflictions arise.
Feel the bite of oppression.

Cold to touch, frustration is breeding.
Senses are dulled by a tongue that is bleeding.
Desperation is flooding this state of being.

A car on the edge of the interstate, the dreaded blue lights illuminate. Take me away from here, out of the misery into the better days.
Track Name: Crowd of Fools
For someone who knows so little got so much to say.
But your words hold no water, bonds are quick to break.
A mystery to me is how you sleep at night.
Devious, degenerate complete waste of life.

So damn lost, I'm so confused.
I walk alone through a crowd of fools.
Is it them or is it me? I'm smothered with uncertainty.
Track Name: Love To Lose
Born with a gift
Born out of place
Neglected all your dreams to chase
No intention of pushing on
Did not confide
Didn't hide all the weakness that you had inside
So proud to say that you gave up

So you decided to try and fight it
You let yourself go to never see the sun again

And now the bad luck has caught up and focused on you
The stupid, they're stagnant, they're already born to lose
And I can't believe that you threw it away
All for the sake to play it safe
All I can say is so long to you
How does it feel to have no fucking clue?
Track Name: The After Hours
The doors have been closed, but my night's just begun.
You're completely crazy to think I'm done having fun.
You must be out of your fucking mind.
This is my time to thrive.

These situations lead to long conversations, but there's no place I'd rather be. No confirmation of this information that I have yet to receive in the after hours.
Track Name: Fever Dream
Sickness sets in
Coherence depletes
Delirious purgatory

Euphoria is foreign as anxiety sets it
And I can't seem to comprehend this bizarre mess that I'm in
This is the hour
When confusion ascends
Nausea emerges
When will it end?

Fever dream is only growing
Emotions lost and it's only showing
I fall victim to this circumstance
Caught in a fever dream
Track Name: Tip Of My Tongue
Tip of my tongue
Cut from a different cloth
Our lining and stitching, what cuts us in two
Your constant changing and rearranging what separates me from you
Flavor of the week
Seems you don't fit
Your skin quick to dissolve from what you thought you were
The density perplexes me with numbing regularity

I'm not striving to be better, a cut above the rest
Always so quick to second guess what you've addressed
So far removed from actuality
You wait for next week just to see who you will be

Nothing seems the same with the constant sting of shame
when you've got nobody but yourself to blame
While you're standing in the pouring rain

I've been running away from things that I'm to say that's on the tip of my tongue
I'll retreat to old ways
Just can't articulate
These phrases on the tip of my tongue
Track Name: Nobody
Sick and tired of contemplation
Sick and tired of aggravation
I can't explain my feelings to you
There's so many things that I'd rather do

Every day I wake up thinking nobody else understands me
It's just my way of thinking, leads me into isolation
And I just have to tell myself that there's no point in all of this
I'll take what's on the table
Nobody is my own label

I've told you once before to close that open door
There's no use to ignore that I am nobody
I cannot comprehend or try to pretend that this world is my friend
I am nobody to them
Track Name: Everybody's Talkin'
Words and music originally by Fred Neil
Track Name: Incapacitate
I went to bed fucked up and woke up just the same
All I wish to really do is waste my life away
A constant confusion, I'm not one to complain
I really wouldn't have it any other way

My brain, incapacitate a bitter taste of every day

A lifelong blackout of walking through the dark
The real, the unreal, I cannot tell apart
A lifelong blackout of walking through the dark
Reality and fantasy I cannot tell apart

Just can't tell apart
Don't know the difference
And now I'm coming down
Beginning descent

Nectar of the gods
I cannot stand up
No escape that I can see

A lifelong blackout of walking through the dark
The real, the unreal, I cannot tell apart
Just can't tell apart
Don't know the difference...